Fortios Bone Debrider

The Fortios Bone Debrider is a powerful tool for the removal of soft tissue remnants from allograft bone. The rotating wire wheel brush ensures efficient removal of soft tissue. The Fortios Bone Debrider is a compact tool for fast and thorough bone debridement. The product only comprises a couple of parts and is easy to assemble. All parts in direct contact with the bone can be autoclaved. The Fortios Bone Debrider has an adjustable splash shield that prevents tissue splatter. The adjustable work rest and splash shield allow for debridement of more complex geometries, for example a hemi-pelvis. Some of the advanced benefits of the Fortios Bone Debrider are:

  • Completely clean, sterile and stainless steel wire wheel brush
  • Efficient Bone Debridement
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Drive unit isĀ  suited for draping
  • Suited for aseptic processi
  • Air cooling allowing long and intensive usage


Additional information

Clean and sterile brushes

The wire wheel brush of the Fortios Bone Debrider is designed to remove soft tissue in a matter of seconds. The brushes that Spierings manufactures are: entirely made out of stainless steel (also the inner parts), completely clean, sterilized by gamma irradiation and double packed. The brushes are manufactured in a clean room to make sure there is no contamination. Due to the unique manufacturing process the brushes are not contaminated with oil, greasy residue and small metal particles. This manufacturing process makes them the only brushes availabe on the market suited for aseptic processing.

Easy to use and clean

The Fortios Bone Debrider is a compact product which is intuitive to use as it only comprises a couple of parts: Drive Unit, Protective Cover and Wire Wheel Brush. All parts that come in direct contact with the bone can be detached fromĀ  the Drive Unit and autoclaved to ensure optimal processing conditions. The only exception is the disposable Whire Wheel Brush.

Efficient and safe usage

The Fortios Bone Debrider allows efficient bone debridement. Less time and effort is needed in comparison to manual debridement. Furthermore, the Fortios Bone Debridement is designed in order to minimize the risk of repetitive strain injury and cutting incidents.

Product details

The Fortios Bone Debrider is developed and manufactured by Spierings Tissue Processing, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The standard operating kit of the Fortios Bone Debrider consists of the following parts:


Article Article Number
Drive Unit 230V FBD-1906-03
Power Cord 230V ATM-1405-04
Spindle FBD-1906-06
Flange Left FBD-1906-07
Flange Right FBD-1906-08
Guard FBD-1906-09
Splash Shield FBD-1906-10
Work Rest FBD-1906-11
Screw Nut (4x) FBD-1906-12
Clamp SBM-1012-37
Wrench (3x) FBD-1906-13
Sterilization Tray FBD-1906-14
Wire Wheel Brush 150 x 20 x 0.35 FBD-1906-15
Foot Switch ATM-1904-36

We also provide a 115V Drive Unit and Power Cord:

Article Article Number
Drive Unit 115V FBD-1906-01
Power Cord 115V ATM-1405-02

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