Many tissue banks around the world are already familiar with the Noviomagus product-line. In order to better suit the needs of these tissue banks, we now started Spierings Tissue Processing. A dedicated part of the Spierings team is working on new instruments and equipment to make tissue processing safereasier and more efficient.


Spierings was founded in 1992 as a medical engineering company. During the first decade, Spierings was mainly involved in the development of hip implants, surgical instruments, resorbable cement restrictors and the testing of bone cement. After that, Spierings started with the manufacturing of their own products such as the REX Cement Stop and the Noviomagus Bone Mill. Meanwhile the R&D assignments expanded with additional orthopaedic implant development projects, the development of special knee surgery instruments and the formulation of bone cement.

Over the years, more and more hospitals around the world started using the instruments and implants of Spierings. From there on, tissue banks also became interested in the Spierings products. So in order to bring tailor-made solutions to tissue banks, we now started Spierings Tissue Processing.